Future space-based systems for imaging the Earth in thousands of colors are expected to collect raw data at rates exceeding 100 Gbps. Onboard real time digital signal processing of these raw samples to application-specific products is required to provide insight and understanding of what's happening or perhaps more importantly what will happen in a scene and avoid the difficulty and expense of sending all of this data to the surface and processing it there. This talk will describe the "big data" associated with hyperspectral imaging from space and discuss requirements, approaches and associated challenges for timely digital signal processing onboard small, limited power platforms in a hostile radiation environment.


Dr. Jeff Puschell is Principal Engineering Fellow at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems in El Segundo, California. He is an internationally recognized expert in the system engineering of space-based imaging and remote sensing systems. His 31+ years of experience is broadly based and includes leading and making major contributions toward development of visible-infrared instruments for space-based operational environmental remote sensing, development and field testing of laser-based communication and remote sensing systems and building and using millimeter, infrared, visible and ultraviolet wavelength instrumentation for ground-based astronomy. Dr. Puschell has authored or co-authored 120+ papers on a variety of topics in astrophysics, imaging, remote sensing and optical communication. He is co-editor and co-author for the leading reference book Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD.

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